Advice and guidance when buying CBD

Whether you have bought CBD many times or it is your first time, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which product to buy, where to buy it and generally find relevant information, so you can make a good decision.  In this blog you can read more about general tips on how to, in the best possible way, find exactly the CBD product that suits you and your situation.

Be honest with yourself

CBD can be a really good supplement or alternative to the medication you are taking, however there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start using CBD. There is a lot of misleading information regarding CBD products, and therefore it is important to point out that CBD is not a miracle cure that from day one can solve the challenges you may face. Instead, it should be seen as a supplement or an alternative solution that you can benefit from. Before you buy, make sure to find out what needs it actually is you want covered and if there are any CBD products that can help you. Always be honest with yourself and your needs, listen to what your body and mind tell you, and be aware that CBD (like any other medicine) requires patience before you experience results. Therefore, it is recommended that the first thing you do after making the decision that you would like to try CBD, is to write down what needs you specifically want to cover and whether CBD related products can help you and your given situation.


Do a thorough research

There is a lot of different CBD retailers, most of which in Denmark are online. Therefore, as a potential user of CBD, you must also decide in regards to where you want to shop and which products you think might best suit you and your needs. CBD products can be produced very differently and depending on who produces the products, they will all have some different focus areas. Therefore, remember that you do a thorough research before you shop. Once you have found retailers who have products that you think are relevant to you, compare the retailers and the information you can find on their website. Contact them, ask the relevant questions that you can think of and thereby ensure that you get a positive experience of CBD from day one. CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD lotion or CBD e-liquid may look very similar to each other on different websites, but keep in mind that it is very individual how they are produced and what process they have been through.


The most important thing is that you make sure that your supplier complies with the rules and regulations that exist within the production and sale of CBD. If you cannot find this information in their store or on their website, contact them directly and ask for that specific information.


If in any doubt, ask for help

If you are the slightest in doubt about anything, ask for help. Ask resellers, ask your friends, ask your network or generally ask for help online. Buying surveys have shown that we as humans sometimes tend to believe that we know better than others and that we can handle everything ourselves. When it comes to CBD products, it is incredibly important that you remember to ask for help and utilize all the available resources that you have available. There is a fantastic “community” in the CBD world, so take advantage of the fact that many others have been in the same situation as you find yourself in. To get the most out of CBD, it is of course important that you understand how CBD should actually be helping you. It is therefore recommended that you contact a few dealers and ask them for help on what it is for some questions you need to ask yourself. All people are unique and therefore the reaction to our mental and physical state will also be different. Therefore, it is a good idea to actually ask retailers and perhaps even manufacturers what you can expect when using their product and what benefits it can bring to your particular given situation.


How do I decide on where to buy it?

You will probably find yourself in a situation where you have found many retailers of CBD products which all seem to be good places to buy, for example your CBD oil or CBD lotion. It is therefore recommended that you have a small “checklist” that can help you on your way to finding the right CBD supplier. Below you will find our draft list, and the points we believe are the most essential when you need to buy CBD for the first time.


  • Your dealer has high quality products that have been produced in Europe.
  • You have the opportunity to talk to an employee from the company, either physically in a store or over the phone. An e-mail address to which you can send questions is not enough.
  • Your supplier meets all the requirements and rules that exist in that specific country.
  • There must be complete transparency in regards to what the CBD products contain. Is this information not in the product description, then you should at least have the opportunity to ask an employee and get the answers that you seek.


You need to feel safe when shopping for CBD products, which means you need to trust the retailer of your choice. For many, buying CBD for the first time is a big step, and therefore you need to feel safe and secure. CBD products should be considered as a supplement to your daily routine, which can help you in many different ways. Therefore, it is also extremely important that you start the whole process with peace of mind and a feeling that you have got off to a good start. When it comes to CBD products, it is important not to focus too much on price and whether it looks “fancy”. Instead, make sure that the products you buy are of the highest quality and that your body and mind will have a positive experience from day one. Furthermore, it is recommended that you use suppliers in Europe, as everyone has to live up to very specific rules, not only when it comes to sales, but also in relation to how the CBD products are produced.


Peace of mind will help you both in the short and long term

Throughout the buying process, it is extremely important that you have peace of mind and feel safe throughout the entire process. CBD products can potentially help you in many different areas, but most importantly, you need to have yourself involved in the entire process. Therefore, you need to take it all at a pace that you find comfortable. “It is a marathon, not a sprint.” The same can be said about using CBD. The body and mind need to have time to adjust. For some, the buying process for some will also be incredibly long, whereas others will be extremely fast. Both are perfectly okay as long as you have peace of mind and constantly feel comfortable. When you finally receive your CBD oil or CBD lotion, remember that it will take some time before it will be the “new you”. It is furthermore recommended that you experiment, take notes, experiment again and take more notes. Remember to include “yourself” throughout the process. And as mentioned above, if you are in any doubt about something, remember to do a thorough research and get your questions asked, even when you have started using CBD.

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