The best ways to use CBD oil

CBD oil can be consumed / used in many different ways. In this blog we try to uncover the most popular, which also are the ones that have shown to have the best effect as well as be the most accessible ways to use CBD oil. Before we get this far, we would like to point out that it is extremely important that you do a very thorough research of how you use and adjust your CBD oil and how strong it should be. Feel free to start with research online and see if you know anyone in your network who has his or her own personal experience with the use of CBD oil.


Experiment in small doses

Like anything else, it is a good idea to start small with CBD oil. With CBD oil, you have the opportunity to choose different strengths of oil and at the same time consume or use them as you wish and in your own pace. No matter what you decide, it is important that you start by experimenting in small doses. Your body needs to have time to adjust and get used to the CBD oil. When experimenting, remember to listen to the signals your body and mind is sending. If necessary, start with a low strength that is easy to consume, potentially a glass of water with a few drops of CBD oil or mix the oil with your food. Your body is adjusting to the CBD oil, and therefore you will also be able to start experimenting with a higher strength once the body has become adapted to you using CBD. Therefore, be extra careful when you start, as there really is no specific formula for what the perfect dosage for you might be. Everyone is different and our bodies and minds all respond differently to CBD.


The most popular ways to consume / use CBD

There are many different ways to consume / use CBD. Below we have listed the 5 most popular methods. At the same time, they are very different, so there is something for everyone. Of course, always remember to do a more in-depth and specific research so that you ensure you have a pleasant experience.


Method 1: The most direct method is putting a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue. The mucous membranes under your tongue are closely connected to the bloodstream, so the CBD is absorbed quickly. However, the taste may be a little sharp and bitter for some. Expect a quick effect with this method.

Method 2: Swallow your CBD oil quickly and then drink a glass of whatever you now prefer. It can be water, juice or the like. This method is a bit slower than method 1, but for those where the taste of the CBD oil is simply too bitter or sharp, this is a really nice solution.

Method 3: Buy some empty capsules at your local health store or online and fill them with your CBD oil. Once the capsule is swallowed, the CBD oil will be dissolved in your stomach, and absorbed via the stomach into the bloodstream. Here you completely get rid of all potential bad taste, but it will also take a little longer before the oil is absorbed into your blood and by that you will not feel the effects right away.

Method 4: Very similar to method 1, but here you can proactively choose to use, for example, honey or Nutella after you have swallowed the drops that you have put behind the tongue. This method is mostly used by those who do not like the taste of CBD oil, but would like to have the effect relatively quick.

Method 5: This method is primarily aimed at the very experienced users of CBD oil and e-cigarettes. You have the option of mixing your own e-liquid with CBD oil as well as the flavor you prefer. Should you be interested in this method, it is recommended that you first buy a CBD e-liquid, and then afterwards you can move on to potentially mixing it yourself.


As mentioned above, there are many different ways to use/consume CBD oil. Besides the 5 mentioned, there is a vast number of other methods one can use. By researching a bit, you should be able to find other methods quickly. Method 1 and method 2 are the most popular and most used methods, however it is worth mentioning that many experienced CBD users try to experiment cross-sectionally. Remember throughout the process to listen to your body and the signals it sends.

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