The main differences between CBD and THC

Often people associate CBD with THC and many believe it is basically the same. Of course, it is not and therefore it is also important to distinguish between what CBD actually does for your body and what THC can do. Both are part of the cannabis plant and both are used together and separately.


CBD versus THC

CBD is the second most abundant substance in the cannabis plant, but probably the most important substance. CBD possesses many unique properties/qualities that have helped people around the world to have an easier and more accessible everyday life. CBD is by no means toxic and causes no feeling of being high. THC, on the other hand, is actually the main ingredient in the cannabis plant and is known for its side effects. THC interacts with very specific areas of our brain and this causes this euphoric feeling of being high. This feeling can affect how we feel, how we think and how we solve problems. CBD and THC are the two largest substances that can be found in the cannabis plant, 2 out of 113. It is therefore the THC substance that is primarily used in weed, marijuana and pot.


How do the two substances affect the body?

Through lots of research, it has been possible to be very specific in terms of how CBD and THC affect the body and mind. Below is a list of the most important elements in how they affect us in a wide variety of areas:



  • Mood: People struggling with anxiety, depression or ADHD have made incredible progress after continuous use of CBD.
  • Appetite: CBD can help with your appetite, so you can potentially return to a healthier everyday life where you eat the right amounts of food that your body needs.
  • Sleep: CBD can furthermore help with sleep problems (insomnia), peace of mind and a more comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Your immune system: When the body feels healthier and better, the immune system begins to strengthen itself.


  • Slower reaction time: THC affects how fast you can react and interact, which is also why people who, for example, have smoked cannabis or marijuana may seem dull and slow.
  • Poor memory: You forget quickly and can sometimes find yourself in a situation you do not really know why you are actually in.
  • Increased appetite: You eat more, but not healthier. The use of THC can cause your brain to want to “snack” all the time and therefore actually have a negative effect on your body.
  • Your mental state changes: You can often have very large mood swings, and not always positive ones. Negative effects such as anxiety are well documented.


As you can read above, there is a clear difference between THC and CBD and it is of course important to know what you “get yourself into” if you decide to use of one or the other. On our blog page you will find very little information regarding THC, as it is neither something we focus on nor believe helps people in their daily lives. CBD, on the other hand, has through many studies shown an incredible number of positive results, and creates value for many people around the world.


Do a thorough research

You can easily find yourself in a situation where products that contain THC may be the right choice for you. It is therefore recommended that you, no matter what your situation is, do a thorough research and review both CBD and THC. We try to collect a lot of different knowledge regarding CBD here on our site, but of course also recommend that you read from elsewhere. It can very quickly become complicated if you start looking at all the different elements that are in CBD and THC. Therefore, remember to write down, before you begin, what goals you would like to achieve and what it is in the end you want cannabis related products to help you with. It is further recommended that you, if possible, do part of your research in different languages to make sure everything is aligned. There is much more information regarding CBD and THC in English, however if English is not your first language, it might be beneficial for you to do some research in your first language as well to make sure you understand everything correctly.

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